Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When Something Hurts

Equilibrium #100, September 29, 2008

from The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness

Very few people enjoy pain, whether it’s physical or emotional. We would rather escape from it in some way - if only we could. Physical pain, in today’s more medically sophisticated and wealthy societies, is relatively simple to alleviate. Emotional pain tends to be harder.

The connection between the two is clear; take the simple case of head, neck, stomach and back pains as a result of some emotional distress.

It’s all part of being human, both the incidence of pain and our desire to avoid it. But what if instead, we embraced the pain? Pain of all sorts is a signal to us that something is wrong. The more we attempt simply to cover it up, the less we are likely to uncover the source and deal with it in the healthiest and most helpful way possible.

You are familiar with the saying “no pain – no gain” (not one I particularly believe). Here’s another one: “no pain – no brain”. At least, when you are in pain you know you are alive. The best way I know to handle pain is to explore its root and use our inner resources to transform that pain into something that works for us.

In peace
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