Thursday, May 15, 2008

We Can All Win The Human Race

Equilibrium May 12 , 2008


It’s not a race. We are, but it isn’t. Oddly we do often appear to act as though we are not from the same species and that, indeed, the race is on to be better than the other guy or to have more and show more success in whatever way we deem it.

The fact is that there are comparatively few winners and a huge number of losers in the way in which the chips have fallen and we humans have responded. We still act as our ancestors did, willing to climb over the person in front of us to get to the top. Of course, within the safe confines of our micro-chip consumer world in corporate settings within affluent societies, the desire to win comes through politely and subtly; in the undercurrent of snide remarks or the deliberate silent treatment targeted at a colleague.

It’s not as harsh a punishment as the withholding of economic aid and empowerment of communities in starving communities, but it has its toll on the whole human race.

There are different forms of winning. If in a business deal or an agreement between a parent and a child we can see that it’s possible to have a “win-win”, then it follows that we could all win from a willingness to live by the principle that what’s important in life is not to have more than we can possibly consume but rather what we hold as values. Truth, love, sincerity and safety for all are a few starting points. There’s enough to go around.

In peace
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