Friday, August 1, 2008

Assumptions Are The Death of Communication

Equilibrium August 1, 2008


“I thought you said you’d done that.” “No, I said I’d need more time and some training before I could complete it.” “Well, I assumed you were getting the training.” “No, I was waiting for you to train me.”

This was the gist of a conversation I overheard recently in a coffee bar between two people working in the head office of a large corporation. Couples make the same kind of assumptions, each thinking that the other said or meant something that never got checked out until, perhaps, they talk it through in front of me.

Everywhere, in small and large organizations, in families and across communities, communication breaks down because we make assumptions based on what we believe instead of listening and understanding what the other actually means.

Our Emotional Fitness training and coaching enables individuals, couples, teams and organizations to create internal environments where they can truly communicate in a way that brings the best out of everyone.

Once we become more emotionally fit, it is easier to set aside the inner voices that prevent us from seeing and hearing clearly. Check out your own assumptions next time you have a conversation – and don’t assume that the other person is the one who has to change!

In peace
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