Thursday, February 28, 2008

Without Change We Are Destitute

Equilibrium February 27, 2008


Change is, as the saying goes, the only constant. It is also the thing that most of us resist, even when the change appears positive, and certainly when the change seems out of our control.
And yet every change, large or small, is another opportunity for growth, for learning and for a new discovery of who we are and how we handle life’s experiences.

A young man I know (I’ll call him Grant), has an unusual capacity for resisting any kind of change. He sticks in a job that he doesn’t like; he goes only to the places that he is familiar with; he won’t try anything to eat that he hasn’t had before (this makes for a very restricted menu!) and he backs away from conversation that may stretch his comfort level. He appears to limit himself so much by avoiding any kind of potential change or challenge, that he has created a cocoon of apparent safety that protects him from any of life’s adventures.

On the other hand, perhaps Grant is not so unusual. If he is a mirror for even a piece of you, ask yourself if you don’t feel a little lacking, a little stuck. Hand yourself some small change – there is plenty to spare – and you won’t have to be destitute.

In peace

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