Friday, September 19, 2008

The Only Coincidence

Equilibrium September 15, 2008

from The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness

It was Carl Jung who popularised the word “synchronicity” to describe apparently random and unconnected events that appear to take place in a connected way. Chaos theorists and others who advocate such concepts as the Law of Attraction recognize similar connections between two or more occurrences as being part of a universal design.

What fascinates me is that there are those for whom there are always connections and those for whom this is seldom, if ever true; who see each event that takes place in life as just another random one.

One person I know just saw himself as unlucky because accidents always seem to happen to him. No sooner has he got over one thing, than another takes place. Only now is he beginning to accept that there is a connection between them all – and it’s him!

The point is that he is now starting to notice how and why things occur and that they are a result of something that he has done, or not done. The “coincidence” of his “accidents” have now become noticeable to him.

The more aware we are of ourselves, our life, how we respond and connect and act, the more we see that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Instead, we get to understand how we can be more in control of our own lives and circumstances.

In peace

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