Friday, October 10, 2008

Equilibrium #101, October 9, 2008

State of Flux
a novel by Warren Redman

A thanks to those of you who, over the summer, gave me feedback on my manuscript “State of Flux”, which is a novel set in Canada and Europe and is a tale of four people searching for their destiny. While the vast majority gave what I could call “rave” reviews, I also appreciated the comments from the one or two who said it isn’t their kind of book.

There are still quite a few who have not yet made any comments (maybe you haven’t read it yet or didn’t like it and don’t know how to tell me.)

Whatever your feedback, I will find it very valuable. Oh, and if you didn’t ask for a copy (which I will send electronically) you can still do so. The deal is that you send me your critique of it in a paragraph or two.

In peace
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