Wednesday, March 12, 2008

There Is Always Another Hand

Equilibrium March 7, 2008


Remember the line in “Fiddler on the Roof”? Tevya debated endlessly with himself about his daughters (on the one hand this, and on the other hand that) until he finally lost patience and declared, “There is no other hand!”

For him, at that point of his frustration, there appeared to be no other way than the one he had traditionally been taught. Certainly, when our most cherished values are under attack, we will decide what is absolutely right for us and act on that. Even then, there are as many points of view as there are unique individuals living.

When I recently wrote about spirituality and religion, several comments from different people claimed that their version of the truth is the one. The stronger the faith, the less willingness it appears there is to accept another’s. I’m hot on supporting the first, but little gets me angrier than the lack of acceptance between people.

My take on it is that we can all hold our personal beliefs and still offer a hand to others who may want our support and acceptance without wanting to convert them to our way of thinking. That way there will always be another hand.

In peace

Congratulations to a few of our Emotional Fitness Coaches.

Jo-Ann Pawliw has a contract to coach the management and sales team of an international retail store that is already the most successful in North America and wants to be better.

Kelly Robbins has been elected the Canadian representative for Mrs. International and will be entering the world finals in Chicago.

Bruce Rosove is now developing the Emotional Fitness Institute in Ottawa and is hosting a workshop there in May. Check out the new Ottawa page in the website.

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Eleanor said...

Re: There Is Always Another Hand

Thanks, Warren,

About an hour ago, a friend and I were having an inspiring conversation centered in his "take" on your paragraph #2 below. Of course, we hadn't read your email yet, but now as I read the Newsletter, it makes me smile to connect, once again, in such a serendipitous way about "what's moving" in our world(s). This friend was telling me how he had had such a revelation today that "there is another hand" -- which he had been oblivious to for 40 years -- available to him!

In loving spirit, Eleanor

mac said...

There Is Always Another Hand

I find it ironic.

You say that you get angry with those who say they hold the truth and won’t accept the differing opinions of others. When in fact, what you are saying is that you find it impossible to accept (hence your anger) opinions that are different than your own if they imply or state that you are believing a lie. Yet by doing this you are not accepting them, in fact it is you who is the one rejecting people.

To point out to someone that what they believe is a lie is not rejecting them, it is rejecting the lie and is the greatest form of love you can offer, since it is the lie that will ultimately destroy them.

I hope you will accept this as it is intended, and I will be praying for you.

Thanks and God Bless!


Vahedeh said...

RE: There Is Always Another Hand

Thank you for your valuable article.
I agree with the idea of helping each other without trying to convert others to our way of being or believing.

Have a great weekend,