Friday, July 18, 2008

Having No Choice Is A Personal Option

Equilibrium July 18, 2008

from The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness

Last week I was in the UK spending time with family members – something that doesn’t happen often for me these days. It was the occasion of my father’s 90th birthday. He was surrounded by his children and most of his grandchildren.

During the conversations and the memories they evoked, I found myself drawn into times when, as a young boy, I felt frustrated because it appeared that I had no choice in how my life was being mapped out for me.

It may be true that when we are small children, our choices are pretty limited in terms of the big things in life. One of the things we need to learn as we develop and grow into adulthood is that we always have a choice.

When you hear yourself say that you have no choice but to continue this or that, or that you can’t take a decision to change something in your life, you are reverting to an old childhood pattern of feeling powerless. You can make the excuses that you lack resources, time or money, or that other people would be upset. In the end choosing not to do or to do what in your heart you really want is solely within your power.

When I was in England I went to visit an old and dear friend who is battling the return of a cancer that has been dogging her for years. In the past she has always fought it off; this time the signs are not good. Her choice is to face each day with joy and determination to move ahead with her life enthusiastically.

What’s your choice?

In peace
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