Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Put Your Buts Into A Can

Equilibrium May 26 , 2008


There is nothing wrong with that little word but, but I take care how I use it, since an over or inappropriate use gives the message that I negate myself.

Emotional Fitness includes the ability to consciously choose our language and how we use words to express ourselves. Words are powerful. A small word like but has the power to undo hopes and dreams. Used often enough with our children, or our employees or spouse, we can create doubt and indecision.

One dad I know with two very energetic and bright young sons responds to their requests and occasionally downright outrageous ideas for what they want by asking how can we do that? instead of the perhaps more common one of, but we do not have the money (or nobody has done that before, or you will never be able to learn that in time …..).

When you hear a but come out of your mouth, or even circulate around your brain, check the meaning behind it. Transforming that but into a can is one way of opening out the possibilities instead of closing them down. Imagine what that can do to a life.
In peace
I have just finished the workshop in Ottawa this past weekend. I will be back in Calgary and ready to start the distance learning course for those who wish to train as Emotional Fitness Coaches. Contact me now if you want to take part or to join the Emotional Fitness Coach Training by Modules that begins in Calgary in June.
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